PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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Experiences in AFRICA

Network for Enhanced Market Access by Smallholders in East and Southern Africa (NEMAS) The Network for Enhanced Market Access by Smallholders in East and Southern Africa (NEMAS) is a new regional learning network. It connects people who generate and share experiences, lessons and ways to improve market access for smallholder farmers. The network makes available to its partners innovative, proven practices and policies, a roster of experts and trainers, and access to sites where local value chain players are learning together. More specifically, partners get access to: Information, training and expertise needed to build innovations into their programmes; opportunities to visit local learning groups and innovative local value chains, and participate in technical exchanges to enhance the performance of their country programmes and information and experts to support the design of new programmes. IFAD, Kilimo Trust and SNV have committed their organizations and funds in financial and in-kind resources over a period of three years to establish the network. PICOTEAM facilitates the development and functioning of the network. We support partners to:

    select local learning opportunities from their on-going country programmes
    identify ‘champion’ practitioners to become members of the Community of Practice
    and ensure that the network functions smoothly.

2011 - 2012