PICOTEAM is a network-organisation with nodes in Africa, Latin America and Europe
  that supports efforts to bring about change and innovations for sustainable development.

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Experiences in AFRICA

Innovation System Development, South Africa

The Limpopo Dept. of Agriculture in South Africa intended to broaden their service deliver approaches.

In this context, PICO introduced innovation system approaches as from 1998 through competence development and approach development operations among the extension officers and other actors like research, farmer organisations, private sector, legislation and policy actors etc.

Major successes of innovation platforms were in seed systems (in the meantime a large seed producers association has emerged from that), soil and water conservation, soil fertility as well as many other platforms. The focus was on local organisational change and facilitation of innovation platforms and development of the related competences. PICOs intervention had various forms like workshops, coaching and field support, conceptualisation support, action research, and support to institutionalisation / organisational change in the department. 

Limpopo Department of Agriculture

1998 - 2004